Cylinder  Testing

LPG & CO2 cylinder, extinguisher and scuba tank testing...

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LPG  Services

LPG cylinder testing, refurbishment, filling and sales...

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Gas appliance & equipment repairs and maintenance....

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Fire  &  Safety  Systems

Fire  Extinguishers


All fire extinguishers require an annual service and certification to meet with NZS4503 standards.

Fire & Safety Systems' experienced mobile technicians will visit your premises and perform these checks.

Our technicians are Level 3 Hand Operated Fire Fighting Equipment Qualified (HOFFE) .

All extinguishers removed from your premises for a five-year pressure test will be replaced with a loan extinguisher free-of-charge to ensure your business is completely covered in the event of fire.

Pressure Testing

Fire & Safety Systems has its own certified IANZ approved testing station.

All fire extinguisher hydrostatic testing and refilling is performed at our Blenheim workshop, ensuring a fast and efficient return of your extinguishers.

Our technicians are Level 3 Hand Operated Fire Fighting Equipment Qualified (HOFFE) .

We service all extinguisher types including:

dry powder

wet chemical

foam (AFFF)



Fire Suppression Systems

We can supply and install flood systems for varying applications including boats and heavy machinery.

Please contact Fire & Safety Systems for more information or to discuss your requirements.

Service & Maintenance

Fire & Safety Systems can service and maintain fire suppression systems on boats and heavy machinery.

Fire & Safety Systems is certified for Amerex dry powder flood systems.


CO2  Services

CO2 cylinder testing, filling and sales...

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Cylinder Testing

Extinguisher and LPG & CO2 cylinder testing...

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Contact  Us

Fire & Safety Systems contact information...

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