FIRE & SAFETY SYSTEMS Marlborough's Fire Safety & LPG Specialists

Building  WOF

Annual certification and monthly fire alarm inspections...

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LPG  Services

LPG cylinder testing, refurbishment, filling and sales...

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Cylinder  Testing

LPG & CO2 cylinder, extinguisher and scuba tank testing...

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Fire  &  Safety  Systems

Repairs  and  Maintenance

LPG Repairs

Marlborough Cylinders can repair and service a variety of LPG appliances and equipment including:

portable gas heaters

blow heaters


tailing irons


gas refrigerators

Fire Extinguishers

Marlborough Cylinders refill/recharge all fire extinguishers including:

dry powder

wet chemical

foam (AFFF)



Scheduled Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Marlborough Cylinders will visit your premises and perform all annual extinguisher servicing in accordance with the requirements of New Zealand Standard NZS4503.


Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguisher servicing and recharging...

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CO2  Services

CO2 cylinder testing, filling and sales...

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Contact  Us

Fire & Safety Systems contact information...

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